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Sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses!

Whatever your sunglasses needs this Summer, whether it is for general eye protection, a hobby or just to look fancy, there are so many good options available to you. But which is the best?

We have a great range in store of non-prescription sunglasses strictly for fashion by Prada, Gucci and for men there are some great Hugo Boss sunglasses.

Otherwise convert an optical frame into sunglasses using a plethora of coloured tints, mirrored , polarised for extra glare reduction, or go for transitions for convenience, and Xtractive transitions for an extra darker option. These are all covered in our Modern Hero promotion.

For sports we have a great Oakley range which can be ordered with your prescription whether single vision or varifocal. Opt for Prizm technology to fine-tune vision for certain sports such as golf, cricket, on or off-road cycling, watersports.

Recently Ray-Ban have started their foray into the prescription lenses so now you can have their iconic signature scrawled on your prescription lenses which obviously come in all their lens colours.

Finally, we were ecstatic with the new Polaroid kids frames. They come in vibrant colours, mirrored polarised, and stronger lenses. The great thing, however, is the price for them.

C heck our our Sunwear page or come and see what we have in store!

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