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Not just 1, but 2 terrific arrivals!!

We are astounded by 2 great arrivals we have to announce this week, and the great thing is that they can be teamed up together too!

We love our "brand of the moments" as found in our social media feed but this brand really excites us...Lindberg.

As teased recently in our instagram, the brand is not only a product I personally identify with but I think you will too. The brand and their spectacle frames are understated yet make a statement, are engineered well but are elegant at the same time.

The Danish brand has won numerous innovation awards for design as they are ultra-lightweight and the hinges do not have screws or rivets. They have several different styles whether rimless or one of their composite titanium-acetate frames, I think they have something for everyone.

Our second big announcement is to do with our newest and best varifocal lenses that we have seen. We always love to hear how lens technology will help and improve our daily lives so we were glad to hear that so much research has gone into making the X-series lenses (well 55 years!) that Varilux have created their best lens for the modern day visual requirements. With so much near field activities these days such as phone, tablet, laptop and screen work, the X-series lenses has been made with these technologies in mind.

The idea is that extra measurements are taken (we use an ipad) for how the eyes track which translates into a lens which requires less head movement and an increase depth and width of near vision.

So all in all we are very excited to use these Lindbergs and X-series lenses in tandem to create an absolutely exceptional piece of technological advanced fashion accessory which will be comfortable, functional and combat the day to day modern needs of or patients!

Book in for your Lindberg and/or X-series consultation using our contact us form

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