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A Brand of the moment first

The brand of the moment is used by us to showcase our latest spectacle brand and their latest designs that we have arrived in store. However, a first for us, we have gone for something that has been around for sometime and not spectacle based...a contact lens!

Alcon Dailies Total 1 has in fact been in store pretty much since we started the eye people in Wokingham 4 years ago. It's a great lens for daily wearers as it is unique in it's design. The lens itself is coated with water so it is perfectly cushions on to the surface of the eye. It's material also has properties of being able to be worn for 16 hours.

The lens also comes in a multifocal form for patients who have varifocals or require reading . Although there is no toric version available it has been accepted by a lot of patients who have astigmatism but wear them infrequently or for social occasions.

This is a great time to try contact lenses for any patient, so whether you would like to try our Brand of the Moment, the Dailies Total 1 or whether you would like to try something else more appropriate, come and talk to us about getting your trials of lenses which will be expertly fitted at the eye people.

We are also here to teach you or give you a refresher teach to fit the lenses well yourself. So book in your Contact Lens Consultation now!

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