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Night Driving an issue? Crizal Drive it away!

Part of my job is to find out if our patients drive, how much do they drive too and if they get any problems. Lots of my patients mention that they do drive and they minimally get any problems. However as soon as I ask about any problems at night time I frequently get told "Oh I never drive at night" or "I only drive at night when I have to".

It seems it bothers a lot of my patients especially in the autumn and winter months whether they find it unsafe or have difficulty viewing things when night driving. This week we are happy to announce that the Road Pilot lens has hit our lens collection.

There have been lots of lenses that I have come across that have tried to enhance the chore of night driving such as yellow tinted lenses but I feel the latest offering from Varilux will go a log way to help our clients.

The Crizal Drive coating minimises the glare at certain glare causing light waves and reflections which in turn makes driving a more pleasurable experience. The Eye Protect System absorbs blue light which is present in lots of car headlights.

The Varilux Road Pilot goes one step further by enhancing intermediate area and giving a larger panoramic distance area. This minimises any distortion that a normal varifocal has as it is omitting the near portion. This will also help in daytime driving too.

We are very pleased with this new addition as we think it will improve this important task that makes up a lot of our daily lives. Book your consultation here.

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